MSCIT Objective Questions Answers for Practice in PDF

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MSCIT objective questions and answers for practice in pdf
In this article, I provide you MSCIT Objective Questions Answers for Practice in PDF.

Maharashtra state certificate in information technology(MSCIT) course is a basic course which is offered by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited(MKCL) which provides knowledge of information technology to students. MKCL is created by the Department of Higher and Technical Education, the government of India.

MSCIT Objective Questions Answers for Practice in PDF are as follows:

1. Which of the following is the function of the operating system?
A. Managing Resources     B. Providing User Interface     C. Running Applications     D. All of these

Correct Answer: All of these

2. Output of an image on the monitor screen is often called ______.
A. Soft Copy     B. Hard Copy     C. Print Copy     D. None of these

Correct Answer: Soft Copy

3. Which of the following is the primary memory?
A. Hard Disk     B. RAM     C. Floppy     D. Icon

Correct Answer: RAM

4. The .com indicated website _______ type of organization.
A. Company     B. Cargo      C. Commercial     D. Complex

Correct Answer: Commercial

5. Popular Network Operating systems include all of the following except ______.
A. Netware     B. Windows NT Server     C. Windows XP     D. Microsoft DOS

Correct Answer: Microsoft DOS

6. Process of copying information to your computer from a specially configured FTP server is called as ______.
A. Downloading     B. Uploading     C. Restoring     D. Deleting

Correct Answer: Downloading

7. _________  is the transmission of an electronic message over the internet.
A. Virus     B. Email     C. Windows Explorer     D. Microsoft Access

Correct Answer: Email

8. A Dialogue box is a special type of window that ask you a question, allows you to select an option to perform a task or provides you with information.

Correct Answer: TRUE

9. The most frequently used output device is _________.
A. Plotter     B. Mouse     C. Scanner     D. Monitor

Correct Answer: Monitor

10. Email includes which basic elements from the following ________.
A. Signature, Bookmark, Message
B. Bookmark, Header, Signature
C. Message, Bookmark, Signature
D. Header, Message, Signature

Correct Answer: Header, Message, Signature

11. Graphic program widely used in the graphic art professional include______.
A. Image Editor     B. Desktop Publishing Program     C. Mega media Programs    D. None of these

Correct Answer: Desktop PublishinG Program

12. The program that automatically start and operate as a part of our browser are called ______.
A. Plugins     B. Message     C. Signature     D. Bookmark

Correct Answer: Plugins

13. Microprocessor has two basic components _______.
A. Central and Logic Unit     B. Control and Arithmetic Logic Unit     C. Slot     D. Sound Unit

Correct Answer: Control and Arithmetic Logic Unit

14. GUI stands for ______.
A. Graphical User Interface     B. Greate User Interface     C. Graphical Union Interface      D. Graphical User Interest

Correct Answer: Graphical User Interface

15. Booting is the ability of operating system to run more than one applications at a time.

Correct Answer: FALSE

16. If you receive one file through the internet having virus, what do you select if you want to remove virus.
A. Disk Cleanup     B. Norton      C. Uninstall       D. File Cleanup

Correct Answer: Norton

17. _______ is a 16 bit code designed to support international like Chinese and Japanese.
A. Unicode     B. EBCDIC     C. ASCII      D. Digital

Correct Answer: Unicode

18. UNIX is an open-source operating system that is an alternative to windows.
A. Linux     B. Mountain Lion    C. Lion      D. Windows

Correct Answer: Linux

19. The extensions .gov, .edu, and .net are called ______.
A. Mail Addresses      B. Email Targets      C. Domain Codes       D. DNS

Correct Answer: Domain Codes

20. ______ is controlled by mouse and changes shape depending upon its current function.
A. Icon      B. Menus     C. Help      D. Pointer

Correct Answer: Pointer

21. The series of dots that forms the image on the monitor are called ______.
A. Picas      B. Bits     C. Pixels       D. Bytes

Correct Answer: Pixels

22. All of the following are commonly used units of measurement to describe memory capacity except ______.
A. MB      B. NB     C. GB      D. TB

Correct Answer: NB

23. Headphone is an put Device.
A. TRUE       B. FALSE

Correct Answer: TRUE

24. Type of software that can be described as "end user" Software ______.
A. DOS     B. System software      C. Application software      D. Operation Software

Correct Answer: Application software

25. System Softwares includes ______.
A. Operating systems      B. Drivers       C. Utilities      D. All of these

Correct Answer: All of these

26. Personal Digital Assistants PDA is the most widely used handheld computers.
A. TRUE        B. FALSE

Correct Answer: TRUE

27. _______ ports are special type of serial ports for connection musical instrument like electronic keyboard to sound card.
A. Accelerated Graphics Port       B. Analog Interface        C. MIDI       D. None of these

Correct Answer: MIDI

28. The CPU or Processor is contained on a singe chip called as _______.
A. Slot        B. Port       C. Microprocessor         D. None of these

Correct Answer: Microprocessor

29. You need to install ______ card for listening music on computer.
A. Credit Card     B. Sound Card      C. PC Card       D. Network Card

Correct Answer: Sound Card

30. ______and ______ are the most widely used handheld computers.
A. PDA and Smartphones        B. Laptop and Notebook      C. Desktop and Personal Computer     D. Mini and Micro Computers

Correct  Answer: PDA and Smartphones

It is the most popular course which is done by every newbie who wants to gain knowledge about information technology. This course is started by MKCL in 2001. 

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Benefits of MSCIT Course:

This course comprises different practices such as e-learning, practical lesson, knowledge of Microsoft office software, etc...

The duration of this course is 2 months which includes a 1-hour lecture and 1 hour practical every day. Institute provides books in Marathi and the English language for study. This course is available in 3 languages such as English, Hindi, and Marathi.

MSCIT Syllabus:

Typing is one of the most important part of learning a computer. In this course, students learn about how to type in Marathi and the English language.

This course also offers simple computer operations such as how to start a computer, how to use a computer mouse, how to connect the headset to pc, how to use paint application, how to personalize your desktop, how to use a keyboard efficiently, how to create the file using notepad, working of the operating system, how to on and off the computer, how to handle multiple programs at the same time, how to organize files and folders in the operating system, how to play music in windows media player, how to create sticky notes, the control panel of the computer, taskbar in the computer, how to change date and time in the computer, how to read and write compact and digital versatile disks, how to use the internet, how to create webpages, how to create blog posts, how to write a letter using mail merge facility, how to write company profiles, how to design magazine and all necessary day to day things such as how to pay online bills, how to make payment online, etc...

This course also provides information about how to use different government schemes, how to use the internet for education, brief information technology concepts, how to use a computer in an eco-friendly way, how to operate computer safely, information about cybersecurity.

In the exam, generally, objective questions are asked on the topics such as the Internet, web and electronic commerce, system software, system unit, input and output devices, and secondary devices. The practical topics include widows 7, MS Word, MS powerpoint, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and MS outlook.

Eligibility criteria for MSCIT

Anyone can apply for this course as there is no such eligibility requirements. I suggest you do this course after 10th so that you can able to achieve a basic knowledge of computers which is useful in your further studies.

MSCIT Course Fees:

The MSCIT course fee is different for the Mumbai metropolitan region development authority(MMRDA).

If the candidate pays the fee in a single installment then he/she needs to pay only 4500. If he/she needs to pay fees in two installments then he needs to pay 2350 INR and the second installment of  2350 INR.

The fees for other than MMRDA candidates are 4000 INR for a single installment. If candidates want to pay fees in two installments then he/she needs to pay two installments of Rs 2100 INR.

This fee includes the total fee, examination fee, and certificate fee. Remember that this fee structure may be changed in the future.

Duration of Exam:

The duration of the exam is 60 minutes. There is a total of 50 questions in the exam which carry 1 mark. The total marks for this exam is 50.

All the questions in the exam are divided into three levels such as low difficulty level, Medium difficulty level, and High difficulty level. There is a total of 20 questions in low difficulty level which include 6 objective questions and 14 practical questions.

There is a total of 20 questions in medium difficulty lever which include 6 objective questions and 14 practical questions. High difficulty level contains a total of 10 questions which include 3 objective questions and 7 practical questions.

If you take admission in January then your examination will be held in March, similarly, if you take admission in a particular month then your exam held after 2 months.

Learners should able to login by ERA login. This login is valid for 2 months from registration. In the 2 months batch sessions, the learner should learn the course, if learners fail to learn then login validity is extended to the next 2 months.

If learners do not meet the online examination in these 2 months then after 2 months, learners need to apply as fresh candidates by paying full fees.

Eligibility to appear in Online Examination:

Learners should complete a minimum of 20 marks and 40 sessions before the prescribed schedule. If learners do not qualify for this requirement then they will not able to appear in the final online examination.

Minimum marks for Passing:

Minimum 20 marks are required internal to appear in the final online examination. You have to score 40 marks out of 100 for passing. There is separate passing for internal and online examinations.

Fees for Re-Exam If Failure or Absent :

If the candidate fails the exam then he/she can appear in the next consecutive exams, the fees for this exam are 355 INR. If candidates fail to appear in the next two exams, then he needs to apply as a fresh candidate by paying the full course fee.

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