About us

About us

My blogging has a different story. Actually, I was very fond of writing from the very beginning.

I have done Mechanical Engineering from Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University in August 2015, but unfortunately, my father passed away in the same year. It took me 1 full year to come out of this misery.

Being a big family, the responsibility of the house was on my head, and I needed to find a job. I wanted a job close to home so that I could do household chores and also work together.

I always thought that I would find a job that could be done online at home. I looked for a great job but could not find a good job. Then I joined competitive classes for the government exam.

Along with my studies, I used to watch videos on YouTube about how to earn money online.

While scrolling videos on YouTube, I saw a video that told me how to make money by uploading videos on YouTube.

Then slowly I came to know about blogging from YouTube itself. I have done lots of research about blogging like how to write an article, how to make SEO of articles, how to rank articles on google, etc...

2 years later, in Jan 2019, I started a blog but it was not successful. But I did not give up and started another blog in September 2019, its name is PROTECHNOLOGYTIPS. That's How PROTECHNOLOGYTIPS is started!

I will try my best to give your knowledgeable and trusted information in easy and simple language so that everyone can understand it easily. If you have comments and suggestions then feel free to provide them on the Contact us page. I will definitely work on it and give you a better result.

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