GCC TBC 50 wpm Passage PDF| Special skills(GCC SSD CTC) Passage for Practice

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GCC TBC 50 wpm passage
In this article, I will share with you GCC TBC 50 wpm passage PDF for practice purposes.

GCC SSD CTC Most Important Objective PDF

In the GCC TBC 50 wpm exam, the passage section is so important. Proper typing speed is necessary for the exam to pass the passage section.

The GCC TBC 30 wpm and 40 wpm exam should be passed to appear for this course. This course specially dedicated to giving special skills to instructors and students.

You have to practice hard and consistently to increase the necessary speed. You have to practice passage each day so that you get commands on the keyboard. Always start paragraphs by pressing 1 TAB.
I provide you some GCC TBC 50 wpm passage for practice which is as follows:

GCC TBC 50 wpm Speed Passage:

          Now a day, It is a world of Digital Marketing. Lots of people try to increase their fan following on social media platforms. Peoples try to promote their brands Online instead of offline. Everyone is having a separate smartphone. The cost of data in India is low these days. There are lots of people in India using the internet.
          Advertising on social media is more beneficial as there are lots of people are active on social media platforms. The cost of advertising on social media is also low. Assume that, You run a shop and you want to promote your product online so that the reach of people is increased and products are selling faster. For that, You need to go to any social media platforms and run a campaign for that particular product. In this way, your product sells faster. You can get paid for that product directly in your bank account. After the order is received you can parcel that item to the buyer. Remember that you need to set proper bidding in your campaign, otherwise, your money will vanish faster and you will not get benefit from advertising.
      Now there is one question in your mind about how social media marketing works. Actually when people are searching for the things they want to buy on the browser, then the browser saves some cookies data, and when users log in to their social media accounts then social media shows similar ads of the product. There is a possibility of users click on those ads and purchase your product. In that way, Social media marketing works.
         Affiliate marketing is also a popular way of Earning money through digital marketing. Here you have to promote the products of E-commerce sites and when users purchase this product via your links then you get a commission between 4% to 12%. 
          You can promote the particular product on social media and if someone purchased this product then you get a commission. You can also create your own website to promote products.

Passage 2 :

        It is necessary to purchase fresh vegetables from the market for good health. People choose the vegetables which are cheaper but it doesn't mean that cheaper vegetables are fresh. Press the tomato and other vegetables to check it is fresh or not. Check vegetables thoroughly before buying. Purchase the vegetables as your need. Vegetables are not fresh in the refrigerator. Try to use vegetables within 3 to 4 days. 
        Try to include protein-rich foods in your diet. Drink 2 cups of green tea in the morning to boost your immunity because it contains antioxidants that boost your immunity. It also contains antimicrobial properties which reduce the bad bacteria in your body. Lots of employees are working from home in this pandemic. You can go for a while on a terrace and enjoy the sun because sun rays help to increase the infection-fighting cells on our body. Include dry fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, etc... which increases the zinc in your body. Include a protein-rich diet in your breakfast. 
        Coconut water is very beneficial for our bodies. There is no cholesterol in coconut water. It has calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and antioxidant which powers our body. You feel active when your drink coconut water. It is beneficial for the skin and also acts as a moisturizer. It also controls high blood pressure. It also cleans the liver.

Tips to complete Passage in GCC SSD CTC Exam:

  1. Start typing letters at a slow speed so that you don't make mistakes and then gradually increase the speed.
  2. Never see toward timer, again and again, focus on typing passage.
  3. Type the passage with concentration and confidence.
  4. Never stops while typing as you have to complete passage in time. 
  5. Practice more and more typing passages.

If you honestly follow these pro tips then you definitely score out of marks in speed passage.

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