GCC TBC ISM V6 Software For Windows Free Download

Nitin Walthare
Download ISM V6 Software Free
In this article, I will give you a complete guide to How to download ISM V6 Software For Windows 10/Windows 7/Windows 8 Free.

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ISM is the basic software that is used to type in Indian languages because it contains fonts and tools which are used to write in Indian languages and you can type it on your personal computer. ISM software download and installation in windows 10/windows 7 is easy.

How to Download ISM V6 :

1. First Download the ISM V6 Software from the given link below.
2. After Downloading the software, the .zip file of around 250 MB is downloaded which contains the setup file.
3. Extract the ".zip" file and then open the folder and double click on the setup file.

ISM V6 Extract File

4. After clicking on the setup file, the installation dialogue box is opened, click on the "next" button until the installation is completed.

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5. After installation is complete, the form appears, close that form.

6. Open ISM Software from Desktop.
7. After the software is opened, set the settings such as the Keyboard type as "Typewriter/custom",  and choose the font type as "Unicode".

ISM V6 Free Download

8. You can also Set Switch key from Switch key Option means you can set Caps Lock key or Num Lock Key or Scroll Key to Switch from English to Marathi or Hindi Keyboard.

ISM V6 Switch Key

Download ISM V6 Software from the Below Link and Enjoy Typing.

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