My 25 Lakh Dream House Cost

Nitin Walthare

Dream House

In this article, I show you the cost of each material that used in my dream house construction.

This cost only includes first floor of construction. The cost of ground floor and first floor is different.

The cost of contractors excluding material cost is given below -

House Contractor - 373000 Rs

Paint Contractor - 74000 Rs

Tiles Contractor - 120000 Rs

Electric and Plumbing Contractor - 38000 Rs

Aluminium Window Contractor - 35000 Rs

Aluminium Door Contractor - 31100 Rs

Wooden Door Contractor - 29000 Rs

Steel Railing for Stairs Contractor - 18900 Rs

Aluminium Glass Railing for Porch Contractor - 62000 Rs

Tower Glass Fitting Contractor - 17900 Rs

Aluminium Frame for Kitchen Contractor - 3000 Rs

Aluminium Pipe (304 Grade) For Front Elevation Fitting - 15000 Rs

The total cost of all Materials required for construction is given below - 10,36,315 Rs


Furniture Estimated Cost with Material and Fitting - 7,00,000 Rs

Total Cost For Dream House - 25,53,215 Rs

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