GCC TBC June 2024 & Further Exam Question Sequence and Marking System Changed

Nitin Walthare
GCC TBC Question Sequence and Marking System

In English, Marathi and Hindi 30 and 40 words per minute computer typing test to be held in June 2024, the first five minutes email and immediately after that 7 minutes speed passage question will be given to the students.

After that statement, letter, objective will be made available to solve the questions in that order. Considering the possibility that the students may not get practice solving the passage as the speed passage question is given at the beginning, 3 minutes of practice passage will be given in 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

No marks will be awarded for this trial passage. However, it will be mandatory for the students to solve the 3 minutes practice test. Through this, the computer keyboard will also be tested automatically for the students.

This trial passage will be given before joining. A 5 minute email question will be provided immediately after login by the students. Students cannot press the submit button immediately after finishing typing the email. This email question will be auto submitted only after the specified time i.e. after 5 minutes.

After the end of the email, a 30-second time alert will start the 7-minute speed recording immediately. After the completion of the speed test, the questions will be made available to the students in the order of statement, letter and objective questions.

In English, Marathi and Hindi computer typing test of 30 and 40 words per minute, now the time of 8 minutes for email question is reduced, now 5 minutes will be given for email question.

As per usual exams, students have to reach the exam center 30 minutes before. In the first 15 minutes, checking the student's identity card, seating the students in the computer in ascending order and signing the attendance sheet etc. will be done. After that students have to solve a 3 minute trial passage.

The trial passage link will be closed 3 minutes before the exam starts. The exam will start at 9 AM in the first session, 11 AM in the second session, 1.15 PM in the third session and 3.15 PM in the fourth session.

If a student comes late, the amount of time he/she is late will be deducted from the time allotted for the objective questions. For example, if the exam starts at 9 AM and the student appears at 9.05 AM, then 5 minutes will automatically be deducted from the 25 minutes allotted for his total objective questions, and alternatively he will get only 20 minutes to solve the objective questions. No one will be allowed to enter the exam after 5 minutes from the commencement of the exam.

In Computer Typing Examinations, there have been cases of large batch changes in the mails by the administrators, multiple mailings by the same student were also experienced. So some students were changed batch, application of some students were rejected, but this message could not be conveyed to them in time.

From the point of view of streamlining the planning of batch change, after sending the admit card for June 2024 Computer Typing and the subsequent examinations, the link of batch change will be made available to all institute managers in their login.

This will know exactly how many batch change applications have come from students and institute administrators, after processing it, the concerned institute administrators will be able to see their batch change status in their login.

Importantly, the batch change link will be activated immediately after sending the admit card and will be closed 4 days before the exam start date. Administrators should not use email to change batches under any circumstances.

So far, although the students have applied for 2 subjects, the letter of application for both the subjects was given separately. From this session, if the same students apply for English 30 and 40 words per minute typing, they will be given a single admit card for both subjects. But since English and Marathi exam centers are generally different, there will be different admit cards for English and Marathi.


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